Book Report Template, Reading Log & Book Marks

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Want to track your child’s reading progress? Are you looking for a simple book report template? This great printable set with a book report, reading log and bookmarks is the perfect way to encourage your child to read!

Reading is so important for kids and I am always looking for ways to encourage my son to read more, and make sure he understands what he’s reading and to track his progress.

This printable pack has everything needed to do just that!

Here’s what is included in this printable pack!

A Book Report Template

Whether you homeschool or your child is in school having a handy printable book report template can save you time, and help your child with understanding what is expected of them.

This book report template has spaces for title, author, a summary, rating, and to draw their favorite character or scene. This book report can be used with any level book from picture books to short novels. You can always attach another page if the summary needs to be a bit longer!

A Reading Log-

Keeping a reading log is a great way to track progress and make sure that they are doing their assigned reading and staying on track. This reading log is great because it has each day of the week and a place to track what was read, how many minutes and/or number of pages read.

You can keep these in a binder or folder and track reading progress across a school year and it also serves as a way to remember everything your child has read!

Printable Bookmarks-

If you’re anything like me you’ve reached for all kinds of things to serve as a bookmark! My son likes to have a “real” bookmark though and so he loves these printable bookmarks.

There is a set with cats, and one with dogs. Each set has lovely quotes about reading and can be cut short or long depending on how you’d like them.

They print four to a page, you can just cut in between them. Then you can snip off the ends or leave them long (this is better for picture books, or easy reader chapter books)

To use this set you can just click below to download it in a ZIP file. Then unzip it and you’ll have PDF’s of the book report template, reading log, and a set of bookmarks! You can download both if you’d like both the cats and the dogs! You can print them individually as many times as you need to!

I hope these come in handy as your child learns to love reading!!

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