Announcing My New PODCAST!

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I’m so excited to announce the launch of The Far From Normal Podcast! It is my hope that this podcast will be full of encouragement, inspiration, and practical advice to help moms in their parenting journey.

First things first! Find the podcast on your favorite platform and be sure to subscribe!

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The first 2 episodes will be available March 27 2020!

How The Podcast Came to Be-

I have wanted to start a podcast for a long time.

I love to talk, love to connect with interesting people, and love to encourage other moms. I knew that a podcast would be a great way to do all of those things.

My heart has always been in supporting and connecting with moms. I realized early in my motherhood journey how important support is, how important it is to feel understood, connected and supported. But over the years I have realized how many women are missing that connection and support, how many people are seeking community, and how lonely motherhood can be.

I’ve written a lot of blog posts with those things in mind. I have tried to encourage and support as many mommas as I can, and this podcast is just doing that in another way.

We live busy lives and so listening to a podcast can be easier than reading a blog post. You can pop in some earbuds and listen while you are working out, driving, cooking dinner… really anything!

So each week I’ll be chatting about all kinds of different facets of motherhood. I’ll talk to amazing experts about everything from parenting to meal planning, from nutrition to designing kid-friendly spaces. As moms, we wear so many hats and I want to support ALL of them! So no topic is off-limits, and I’m excited to talk about everything!

I’ll be honest. I was scared to get this going. It was an idea that rattled around in my head for about a year but I was afraid.

How do you even record a podcast? How do you edit it? What if no one wants to talk to me? What if no one listens?

Those thoughts, questions and fears held me back.

But I knew the idea wasn’t going away, and every time I came across another mom who needed support I knew that I wanted to bring this podcast to life.

So I started asking people to come talk to me, and they said yes. I recruited my 17 year old to make me a theme song and do my editing, and I found Facebook groups to help me learn the ropes.

(And I found the best place to record in my house, even though it was my youngest son’s messy bedroom!)

In my first episode, I feel like I fumbled a lot. There are a lot of “ums” a little stammering, and sometimes I lost my train of thought. But I did it. I had an amazing guest, she had so much to offer and such amazing ideas to share that even though I feel self-conscious about my part, I am so proud of the result because of what she brought.

All of my doubts have turned into excitement with every episode I record. I have had conversations that I know are going to make a difference for people, and leave them feeling inspired and encouraged!

I hope you’ll join me and listen in, if you have someone you’d love to hear from, or if you’d like to be a guest please reach out to me!

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