Androgynous And Gender-Friendly Baby Names Of The Year 2020!

Androgynous And Gender-Friendly Baby Names Of The Year 2020!

Choosing a name for your baby is one of the biggest decisions any parent has to make because a name is for life. It can be tricky to come up with a unique and cool baby name. And if you haven’t yet found out the baby’s gender, gender-friendly names are a good option to lean towards. If you are looking to avoid gender stereotypes or can’t wait to pick a name already, we have rounded up 25 gender-neutral baby names for 2020!

1. Alexis


This gender-friendly name is of Greek origin and means defender. Though traditionally used as a boy’s name, Alexis is a common name for girls.

2. Ariel

This Hebrew origin moniker means Lion of God. It is also a biblical name. Ariel is considered more of a feminine name as it is more commonly used for girls.

3. Aatiq


This name of Muslim origin means free man or delicate woman.

4. Blake

Blake is a traditional name of English origin. It means fair-haired dark. Originally used as a surname, Blake is increasingly popular among both boys and girls.

5. Carmen


Carmen is a name of Hebrew and Latin origin. It means poem or ode.

6. Dakota

Dakota is a place name. It originates from the people of Native America near Northern Mississippi valley. Dakota means friendly one. This moniker is equally popular among both genders.

7. Eden


Eden is a name of Hebrew origin which means place of pleasure and delight. Though traditionally used as a girl’s name, Eden has gained a lot of popularity as a boy’s name as well.

8. Emerson

It is a name of both American and German origin. Emerson has the meaning brave; powerful.

9. Gunjan


Gunjan is a name of Indian origin. It translates to the humming of bees.

10. Hayden

Hayden means heather-grown hill and is a name of English origin. Hayden is a modern name that was introduced as a gender-friendly option.

11. Iksha


This Sanskrit origin name means world; sight, and it is also the name of an Indian dynasty.

12. Justice

This name of Latin origin means upright; just; righteous.

13. Jiva


This Indian origin name means life; healthy; alive; living.

14. Karter

Its variant Carter has been primarily used as a boy’s name. Karter is a name of English origin which means transporter of goods.

15. Keva


Keva is a name of Indian, Irish, and Gaelic origin. It means handsome, gentle, precious or beautiful. Though most commonly used as a girl’s name, Keva can be used as a boy’s name.

16. London

This name is of English origin and is called a place name. This name is used for both genders but slightly leans toward the feminine side.

17. Manvi


Manvi is a name of Indian origin meaning someone who has all the best qualities.

18. Phoenix

This moniker of Greek origin means dark red. Phoenix is both a place name and a bird name. It is a great pick for both genders.

19. Quinn


This name of Irish origin means intelligence; chief leader; descendant of Conn. Quinn also has other variants such as Quincy and Quinton.

20. River

This name of English origin is the perfect pick for all nature lovers. Primarily used as a boy’s name, River is now gaining traction as a girl’s name with celebs such as Kelly Clarkson naming her daughter River.

21. Sawyer


Sawyer means woodcutter and is an occupational name of English origin. It has been a popular gender-neutral name in the last few years.

22. Satya

Satya is a name of Sanskrit origin and means truth.

23. Skye


Skye is a name of English and Scottish origin. It translates to adventurous, scholar, protection, free-spirited or sky.

24. Wyatt

Wyatt is a name of English origin meaning water; little warrior. This moniker was derived from the Old English surname, Wigheard.

25. Zayb


Zayb is a name of Muslim origin and means beauty or adornment.

With 25 options to choose from, we are positive you will be able to choose a lovely gender-neutral name for your little one.

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