Am I What You Thought I Would Be?

Am I what you thought I would be;

Now that you know the real me, even though I am changing constantly?Evolving continuously

Am I what you thought I would be?

Do I feel how you thought I would feel when my hand caresses your face and chin hairs?

Did you know it would feel like that?

When you asked for a kiss, did you know my lips would be that soft?

And once inside, did you know it would feel so welcoming?

Like you had returned home after being gone for too long

Am I everything you thought I would be?

I must admit that in the past I’ve been very disappointed with who people turned out to be. Felt as though I had been deceived.

But you have not deceived me.

You have made me a better me in ways I can’t explain.

But some things make sense to me now, like why the older generation called dating “going steady.”

I needed a steady love. Correction, I need a steady love like the love you give.

Didn’t know such a love existed.

No emotional roller-coasters.

No annoying sudden dives down that leave my stomach all in knots due to the anxiety of not knowing what happens next.

And yet…

I had a bit of anxiety today because I’ve never been here before; and I don’t know what happens next.

But I’m looking forward to it and I’m grateful to you.

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Photo credit: By Julian Myles on Unsplash