Al Interviews Jon Middleton | Former Cardiac Nurse & Teacher of Health and Social Care

In this episode, Al interviews Jon Middleton, former cardiac nurse and teacher of health and social care (recorded 3-18-20). Jon shares his story of growing up with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.

Jon’s first diagnosis of depression came at age nineteen or twenty after three tragic deaths of people who were close to him in the short span of two weeks, while dealing with the stress of nursing school. Jon describes several episodes of depression he has had to work through, the impact of stress at work, and the support he received. He also shares what brought him to a two-week in-patient stay at a psychiatric hospital just eighteen months prior to this interview.

Jon called into a radio show in which people were calling in to describe a personal battle they had recently dealt with. While some called in about work struggles, car troubles, and the such, Jon called in to share his battle with mental illness. The show was so impressed, they invited Jon in for an hour and a half live interview the following day!

After the show and hearing how impactful it had been on people by sharing his story, Jon now uses his Twitter account in order to advocate on the topic of mental health. He hopes to bring awareness to the stigma and encourage others to open up. You can find him on Twitter @jonrobmid.

Previously Published on the Depression Files