A Healthy Man is a Sexy Man

So many articles today try to teach men how to be sexy. Often the advice is simple platitudes like “be yourself”, “be confident”, or “fake it til you make it”.

But what if sexiness came from the inside? From a healthy body? What if confidence came from inner strength and knowing that things were working as they should? What if you didn’t have to fake it?

What if the real you was just inherently sexy?

A sexy man is “manly” in all the right ways.

Traditionally, when people think of a man, especially a “manly man,” one summons up an image of a strong jawline, chiseled abs, and toned arms. Perhaps this man is adorned in camouflage while hunting down a bear, or maybe a plaid fleece button up as he chops down lumber to build a house with his own two hands. He is supposed to be a man of few words and provides for those around him.

We don’t have to look too far for real life examples. A simple Google search for “manliest men” returns a variety of results. These span from pop culture icons, such as John Wayne and Chuck Norris, to military heroes like Chris Kyle and Pat Tillman, to sports legends like Michael Jordan and Babe Ruth, and to former Presidents, including JFK and Teddy Roosevelt.

But chances are you’re not going to star in a string of action movies, eliminate scores of threats to America, have multiple career-defining games, or lead a country to prosperity.

You don’t need to. Look to the inner you—-not the outer trappings of what society says is best.

A sexy man is a great communicator—in bed and out

Men aren’t usually seen as the communicators in a relationship. That means that a man who actively works on his communication skills can skip right ahead to front of the sexy line. Partners enjoy men who are active listeners. Who are curious. Who have emotional intelligence. Who are fluent in the language of consent.

Communication is even better than sexual technique.

If you do have problems with sexual performance—guess what actually helps. Communication! Talk to people about it. Learn to be comfortable with your partner. Learn how to admit it to your friends.

And take action—get the help you need.

After all, Erectile Dysfunction (also known as ED or impotence) affects over half of men over the age 40? Even before age 40, about a quarter of men experience ED.

You are not alone! There should be no shame or stigma to the problem. And there are a great many solutions and treatments available—treatments that can be customized just to your  needs. At Universal Men’s Clinic, for example, a medical provider will provide a customized treatment plan that will find the treatment most effective for you.

What about testosterone? Does it make you feel more manly? More sexy?

Did you know that starting at age 30, men lose on average 1 to 3 percent of testosterone production? Low testosterone has been associated with a variety of things we also associate with the opposite of sexy—lower sex drive, decreased muscle mass, loss of hair, depression and fatigue.

What if you could fix even one of those—-you’d feel sexier almost immediately, right? And what if a combination of those symptoms could be addressed all at once? Find out if Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is right for you.

Men can talk to men…pass it on.

Many men feel shame and stigma in discussing their sexual health, but all it takes is one man to begin changing this narrative. Share how you are taking control of your sexual health, and you will hopefully inspire other men to take charge of theirs. When this advice gets passed along to another man, a small ripple can eventually become a tsunami of social change.

So, while you may not become the next action star, national hero, sports champ, or President, you can be just as sexy as any of them.

Take care of your health, and you’ll find you have a body that will take care of you. As you age and for the long run.

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