8 Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids That Look Adorable

8 Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids That Look Adorable

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and holiday crafts are a great way to get your kids involved in some DIY craft ideas. Not only are these crafts super fun, but they will also keep your munchkins busy on Saint Valentine’s day.

If you were of the notion that Valentine’s day is all about adults, then you couldn’t be more wrong. To get into the Holiday spirit, we have got some easy and fun DIY craft ideas that will be simple and fun to make for young kids.

1. Rainbow Hearts Greeting Card

Rainbow Hearts Greeting Card

For this, you are going to need scissors, glue, and different sheets of color paper. Start by outlining the heart on a sheet. Make sure the heart looks perfect in shape so that your cutout looks good. Trace the shape of the heart using the scissor to make a cutout. Follow the same with the rest of the color sheets. Make 6-7 cutouts of heart in similar sizes. Take a plain sheet of paper and stick the cutout at the top right corner of your card. Now glue the rest of the cutouts one on top of another making your way to the bottom left corner. You can add a message at the bottom or improvise the design to make it your own.

2. Heart Pendant Necklace

Heart Pendant Necklace

Keep the following items handy at your table: scissors, felt sheets, buttons, needle, and thread. Make heart cutouts of different sizes and stack one on top of another. Now make a hole in one of the hearts, preferably the middle one to insert the needle and thread that will be the necklace. Add buttons or beads of your choice and there you have it, a heart pendant necklace by your little one.

3. Heart Made From Yarn

Heart Made From Yarn

Make a cardboard cutout of a heart. Now take your red yarn and stick one end of the yearn at the center of the heart with some glue. Now work your way around the heart so that the cardboard is no longer visible.

Heart Made From Yarn1

4. Handprint Valentine Card

Handprint Valentine Card

Make this simple handprint valentine card by dipping your kid’s hand is white paint. Now stamp it on a red felt sheet and do the same again to get the heart-shaped handprint.

5. Angel Craft

Angel Craft

For this, you are going to need paper, scissors, glue stick, cardboard sheets, and paper templates. Make a cutout of the hair first and place it on a paper template to outline the head along with the heart and the legs as a single cutout. Similarly make cutouts of the rest of the figure. Now start by sticking one on top of the other.

6. DIY Fairy Jar

DIY Fairy Jar

Take a mason jar and lightly cover the entire jar excluding the top part with glue. Now stick tissue paper all over it. Stick a fairy cutout inside the jar. Now insert fairy lights inside it and turn on the lights. Cover it with a lid. You can decorate the top part of the lid as you wish.

Angel Craft1

7. Red Heart From Play Dough

Red Heart From Play Dough

Make a huge cardboard cutout in the shape of a heart. Now place the play dough on top of the cutout so it covers the entire surface area. You can get alphabets or numbers and ask your kids to stick it top of the play dough.

8. Bee Mine Valentine

Bee Mine Valentine

For this, you are going to need scissors, toilet rolls, paper cutouts, and a glue stick. Start by painting the toilet roll yellow with black stripes. Let it dry and stick a face cutout on top of the toilet roll along with the bee antennas. Make cutouts of the wing and stick it at the back of the toilet roll.

These craft items would be perfect keepsakes for your bookshelf or the mantel. They would also make great gifts to your kid’s grandma or relatives. Add these ideas to your DIY craft to-do list this Valentine’s.

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