5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries

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Grocery prices seem to be getting higher and higher! With a family to feed it can get expensive putting food on the table each week. Here are 5 easy ways to save money on groceries to help keep your budget in check!

Not everyone is blessed with natural economic shopping skills, and this can lead to lots of wasted money at the supermarket and drug store.

Saving money is not all about buying low-quality or generic store brand items. A few easy shopping techniques can lead to significant savings while shopping for groceries and other home supplies.

Buy Larger Packages of Food and Supplies to Save Money

When at the grocery store, save money on food and supplies by purchasing larger packages. This may not always be practical for meats, produce or other perishables that will not be consumed before they spoil, but when purchasing non-perishable foods and supplies, opt for the larger packages or containers, and if necessary, store the excess product until it’s needed later. In 90 percent of cases, manufacturers will offer a better price per ounce when selling larger food packages and containers, and this results in saving money on grocery bills.

Pet food, laundry detergents, household cleaners, and cereal are all products that can be purchased in larger quantities for a better deal and to save money on grocery shopping.

It does seem like a bigger expense upfront but the cost evens out and you can save money in the long run!

Use Coupons, but Collect Them Only for the Items You Were Already Planning to Purchase

Grocery coupons in the Sunday newspaper or the supermarket circular are a great way to save money with little effort, but shoppers often end up purchasing varieties or brands of foods and supplies that they wouldn’t normally purchase – just because they have a coupon. This can lead to a waste of money since the shopper may not enjoy the product they purchased, so they may need to return to purchase the item that was originally on their grocery shopping list.

So use grocery coupons, and take advantage of sales for lots of savings at the supermarket, but only purchase foods and supplies that will definitely be enjoyed and used. One great way to find grocery coupons for specific products on your list involves using free printable coupons for groceries. I like to pull up coupons.com and my grocery store’s website so that I can easily match up the printable coupons with sales!

Save Money With a Supermarket’s Discount Card

Many supermarkets, drug stores and other stores offer free keychain discount cards that entitle the shopper to special discounts and sales. This can lead to some significant savings on grocery bills and it’s a an easy yet effective way to spend less money on groceries in the long run.

Keep and Compare Receipts from Different Supermarkets and Drug Stores

Comparative shopping can be difficult and shoppers may have a hard time determining which stores offer the best buys and most savings to shoppers. Some stores will offer lower prices on groceries, but the store won’t offer additional savings with sales or through use of a shopper discount card.

Other stores may have slightly higher prices, but the shopper sees a lower grocery bill in the end thanks to sales and discount cards. So compare receipts to get a better idea of which store offers the better buys and savings for shoppers.

Save Money by Shopping at Wholesale Stores

Wholesale stores like Costco and B.J’s Wholesale Club offer significant savings, discounts and across-the-board money savings to people who buy in bulk. Shoppers should visit a local wholesale store like Costco to see what grocery items and household supplies can be purchased in bulk.

Toilet paper, paper towels, pet food, juices and soda, canned goods, snacks, medications and shampoos are just a few of the many items that can be purchased in bulk for significant savings. The general rule is this: If you’re sure to use it within a reasonable amount of time, it makes sense to buy in bulk. A five-year supply of mustard doesn’t really make sense. But a four-week supply of toilet paper? That makes “cents.”

Here is an interesting article comparing Costco prices to Walmart so you can take a look and see what kind of savings you can expect from a wholesale store!

It can take a little planning but saving money on groceries can be easy! Once you get in the habit of shopping smart it gets easier and you’ll notice the difference in your budget!

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