5 Creative Party Themed Ideas

Whether you are throwing something together to celebrate a loved one or spreading awareness about a particular cause, parties are more fun when you have a theme to bring it all together.

Murder Mystery, Dinner Optional

Typically, people go out to establishments to enjoy an evening of murder and mystery with their dinner. This time, why not let the murder and mystery come to you. Hire a company that specializes in these theatrics and give your guests something to solve. You will have a choice of either watching the mystery unfold before you as you eat, or to play a part in the show. Depending on your guest list, it may be more fun to join in and get involved in the experience. To get into the theme, refrain from using real names that evening. Only use character names that pertain to the plot. Decor, food, and beverages should also relate to the murder mystery storyline.

Television Shows IRL

Playing dress-up can be a lot of fun when you are imitating your favorite character. Take binge-watching to another level by hosting a party based on a television show. Ask guests to come dressed as their favorite character, and then give out awards to whoever does the best imitation. You can also hold scene competitions where folks act out the shows more memorable moments, and the best reenactments win a prize. Keep the momentum going by having the show playing on monitors throughout the space. If there’s no outright mention of the types of food these characters eat, then use the show’s setting for clues. If that isn’t a viable option, popcorn is always a good alternative.

Host A Casino Night

There are tailored three-piece suits, body-hugging couture gowns, and the smell of money in the air. No, this is not a scene from the latest action-packed 007 movies. This is what you’re next themed party can look like. Round up a few close friends for a night of gambling. Nothing says camaraderie like some good old-fashioned competition. Make it an unforgettable evening by having guests use money with your face printed on it. Places like The Real Deal Fun Casino will use your image on the printed money and poker chips, as well as, the cloth on the tables. Don’t forget to create a signature cocktail to serve your guests. If you must provide food, prepare finger foods that folks can devour quickly.

Go Burlesque

Pay particular attention to details when putting together a burlesque-themed party. The wrong ambiance can turn a sultry performance into a raunchy experience. Professional burlesque performers know the art of seduction, while still making their audience feel comfortable. You need to keep that same balance when party planning. Red evokes passion, love, and lust, but only when used sparingly. Splattering the color everywhere will leave your guest’s eyes in pain. Select the right type of music, too. Not everything has to be a slow tempo to be part of the theme. Go for beats that make folks want to get close to their partner. Also, have fun with the food. There are plenty of companies that create naughty looking desserts and candies. Yet, if you’d rather be more subtle, have aphrodisiac meals prepared for your guests. And for dessert, chocolate covered strawberries are a classic.

Safari Theme – Lions, Tigers, And Models!

Animal themed parties may seem juvenile until you involve body paint. So host a safari-themed gathering; the adult version. Instead of looking at exotic animals in cages, gaze upon attractive models painted in spots, stripes or leopard prints. Let these beauties roam freely throughout the party as they try to capture your guests’ attention. Set up private areas where attendants can also become one with nature and have their body painted in whatever print they choose. For those that are less risqué, provide them with animal print masks they can wear throughout the night. Weather permitting; plan to keep the festivities outside. And no get-together would be complete without some authentic sustenance for the hungry crowd. Considering the theme, make sure to have a variety of meats, but balance the menu out with root vegetables and fruits.