4 Lies You Should Never Tell to Keep Your Partner

If you have found the love of your life, you will surely want to keep them. Read on to find out the downright lies, untruths and worst fibs that you shouldn’t tell…

In the early months of dating somebody, it can be easy to tell a couple of white lies. When are we allowed to tell a lie? Research indicates that we can tell a lie for only four reasons: to avoid humiliation or shame, to end inconvenient encounters, to keep disruptions or conflicts to a minimum and to end a relationship with the person who constantly harasses you.

Using lies under these situations is socially and morally acceptable, but when your goal is to fulfill some selfish purposes, these lies may ruin your love life.

Below are 4 lies that you should never tell to make your partner happy or to keep them.

I Am Legally And Emotionally Available

You say that you are legally and emotionally available, but you are not. If you want to keep someone in your life, wait for the right time to tell the truth that you are already in a relationship and that you will leave the other person very soon. Explain the situation and take your beloved into confidence that you are ready to start a new life with them.

According to family and marriage therapist Shadeen Francis, lying about available for a relationship is devastating for a person who loves you and trusts you blindly. If they discover your lie, they may leave you forever.

Money Doesn’t Matter

We all have certain needs to be met on a daily basis. We need food and water for our survival. We need clothes to look good. We need shelter to protect ourselves from climatic changes and other harmful things.

Saying that money doesn’t matter is actually a lie. It can be painful for you to see your partner having insufficient money, but you should never tell that you can live without money.

A study published by Kenneth Aarskaug Wiik, Eva Bernhardt, and Turid Noack reveals that the quality of a relationship is improved when one or both partners have enough money to spend on themselves and on their children.

You can’t live on love alone. If your partner doesn’t have enough money, you should step out of your comfort zone and earn a living yourself so that both of you can live happily and can raise your kids well.

I Don’t Want Children

It is a biggie. If you know that your partner wants kids and your desire is the opposite, you will be in trouble. I suggest you plan things with your partner before marrying.

If you both agree on being happy without kids, you are good to go. If your desires are the exact opposite, this relationship will lead you nowhere.

Susan L. Brown published an article in the Journal of Marriage and the Family on the benefits of having children. The name of their article is Marriage and Child Well-Being: Research and Policy Perspectives. The expert says that the living arrangements of kids have become unstable and varied in recent years, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t plan families. It is good to have a child or two and raise them well rather than having a lot of kids and not being able to educate them properly.

I Am Okay With Being In Bed

If you are not happy with having a physical relationship with your partner before marriage, you should never pretend that you are okay with that. There is no need to be in bed with them before marriage; instead, you should tell them the exact reason and avoid getting too close.

It may be common for some couples to have physical relationships before marriage, but a study shows that couples who wait for marriage before having intimate relationships are happier with the quality of life than those who don’t wait.

Conclusively, the quality of your life can be improved if you know how to keep your partner happy and how to avoid different types of lies.

Are you ready for a successful and happy relationship?

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