20 Hilarious Memes That Sum Up How Homeschooling Is Going for Parents

In the wake of the new coronavirus pandemic, it’s important for parents to find some time to laugh while juggling everything else on our plates.

As schools are closed and parents are learning how to homeschool while working from home while, ahem, doing everything else, some parents have found humor in their new reality. We’re not sure how long we’ll be living like this, but these hysterical memes are sure helping us get through it.

Sounds about right.

You’ve never seen such a dedicated group of people.

We’re finally understanding their importance.

It’s always good to be prepared.

Poor kids.

Talk about an effective teaching method!


There must be some way out of this…

Probably the scariest part of the crisis.

We’re not really believing all of our homeschooling mom friends.

I thought I read that it’s one of Alexa’s features.

The audacity.

This is our favorite homeschooling hack.

Because we’re acting like we’re at school, right?

We’re feeling especially gracious this year.

RIP Common Core.

In today’s math lesson…

The daily struggle.

Pretty damn accurate.

Of course not.