15 Hilarious Times Artists Really Didn’t Know What Babies Look Like

Airplanes are a necessary part of modern life, but not everybody loves them. Flights can be difficult, tedious, even anxiety-inducing—which is why it’s a place we need a laugh more than ever.

Passenger and Twitter user Overworked Turbonerd didn’t have to look far to get a chuckle. In a now-viral tweet, he shared a photo of the in-flight safety pamphlet on his airliner, featuring an illustration of a baby that looks more like a 40-year-old man!

“When you’re an in-flight safety pamphlet designer who definitely knows what babies look like,” he wrote as a caption.

His hilarious tweet inspired dozens to share their own images of safety pamphlets they’ve encountered with bad renderings of infants.

“At least yours looks like a viable human,” said César Astudillo, who posted an absolutely nightmare-inducing drawing of a little one that looks more like an amorphous blob.

Highlights included giant heads, overly long limbs and absolutely frightening expressions.

Users even contributed hilariously weird depictions of infants from other sources, such as these satirical drawings by comic artist Chris (Simpsons artist).

But people have been posting about the funny illustrations on airplane safety cards for years. There’s still plenty of tweets out there that will make you scream with laughter.

Designers of in-flight safety pamphlets and comic artists aren’t the only ones with a sketchy idea of babies’ actual appearance, users pointed out.

Yeah, that’s right. Artists have been portraying infants as small, creepy adults since the Middle Ages! Naturally, Twitter found this all pretty funny (and so did we).

Moral of the story? Don’t miss the portrait-drawing class in art school. It’s more important than you think!